Alternately a War and Royal horse, Conquistador and Torero horse, horse of haute-ecole and field work, dressage, harness and even obstacle horse; certainly no brush nor color misses in the Lusitano horse to perfect its art, one of the most brilliant of the equestrian

Selected for centuries for its warrior or taurine qualities, the Lusitano shows exceptional mental character, which is a great
part of their breeders pride.  Willing, brave and rash, they remain nevertheless attentive and subdued to their rider. Calm when at
rest but alert in action, close to man and often a good learner, the Lusitano likes showing itself warm and quick to react to affectionately surprise the least warned amateurs; who quickly see through their game, discovering a noble and proud horse, of an outstanding sensibility and endowed with extreme sharpness.

The official Lusitano Breed Studbook was founded in 1967.  The A.P.S.L. (Associaçao Portuguesa do cavalo puro sangue lusitano) allows inspection of reproduction horses by attributing points that breeders can rely upon as a guide for approved studhorses.  The A.P.S.L. guide also enables responsible choices in breeding.

As per the A.P.S.L.’s philosophy, each breeder is free, per his preference and dreams, to breed baroque or sport Lusitanos, as long as they respect 3 fundamental conditions that define the race : morphology, functionality and character.
For its part, Kébérica has chosen to produce Lusitano sport horses, intended for the current sports reality, in dressage rings.

Proud representative of the Iberian horse in North America, the I.A.L.H.A (International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association) is the official association of breeders and owners of Iberian horses combining Lusitano, Pure Spanish and Andalusian races under one roof, the I.A.L.H.A allows the recording of pure race and half-breed Iberian horses in Canada and the United States.
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